The Big Mock Burger 18.5

Two no beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions all on a sesame seed bun!

Add Beyond Meat patties +6


The Little Mock Burger 16

The little sister of the Big Mock – all the same delicious ingredients just a single layer of them.

 Add Beyond Meat patty +3

Korean Fried Chick’n Burger 17 GFO

Fried chick’n covered in spicy, sticky red sauce with slaw, kimchi, fried shallots, peanuts and sweet chili mayo.

GFO: Korean Fried tofu instead of chick’n


Southern Fried Chick’n Burger 17

Fried chick’n, two rashers of facon, chipotle aioli and slaw in a black charcoal brioche bun.


Bollywood Burger 17 GFO

Creamy curried chick'n (or GF tofu) with papadums, herby coconut raita, fresh mint, lettuce and chutney

GFO:Tofu instead of chick'n


Gluten Free Bun +2

Add snack side of chips +3

Other Mains:


Chick'n Parma 24

Classic all vegan chick'n schnitzel with bacon, house made napoli and cheese sauce with chips and salad

Korean Fried Chick'n bibimbap GFO 18

Our Korean Fried Chick’n (or GF tofu) with slaw, kimchi, seasonal greens, edamame and sweet chili mayo on a bed of steamed rice and quinoa

GFO: Korean Fried Tofu instead of chick’n


Soup of the day 11 GFO

Soup of the day with two slices of sourdough bread


Exclusively for our little mates aged 8 and under

Hippy Meal 13

Cheese burger or nuggets with chips, a drink, and a crystal-of-the-month!

Fries and Nachos:


Fries R 7 L 10 GF

**All sauces are GF**

Tomato sauce         +0                Gravy              +3

Garlic aioli               +2                Cheeze            +3

Korean chili mayo  +2                Bacon Bits      +3

Chipotle lime aioli  +2                Big Mock         +2


Fully loaded +4.5

Gravy, Cheeze and bacon bits


Other Bites:


Nachos S 16 L 18.5 GF

Corn chips with melted cheese, black beans, guacamole, fresh tomato salsa, creamy cashew chipotle sauce and tangy lime coconut sauce.


Poffertjes (Dutch Pancakes)

15 fluffy Dutch pancakes. "fully loaded" comes with hot chocolate fudge sauce, cashew cream, berry compote and candied pecans. You can also  "build you own" from the list of toppings below:

Fully Loaded 15

Build your own 9

Jam                           +1        Hot fudge sauce   +2

Maple syrup           +1         Cashew cream      +2

Cinnamon sugar    +1         Berry compote     +2

Candied pecans     +2