Snacks, Small Things and Sides:


Garlic Bread 6


Fried Pickles 12

Fried dill pickles served with garlic aioli.


Indian Kofta 10

Three fried potato kofta balls served with rich curry sauce and papadums.


Arancini 12 GF

Three seasonal arancini balls with garlic aioli.


Potato and Gravy 10 GF

Creamy mash with onion and peppercorn gravy.


Chick’n Nuggets 8

8 Chick’n nuggets.


Fries and Nachos:    

Fries R 7 L 10 GF*

Fully loaded +4.5 Gravy, Cheeze and Facon Bits.

*Please note Facon bits are not gluten free


Nachos R 16 L 18.5 GF

Corn chips, cheeze, black beans, guacamole, salsa, cashew chipotle sauce and lime coconut sauce.



Aioli, Chipotle lime aioli, Above and Beyond special sauce 2

Gravy, Big Mock special sauce 3


Desserts and Pastries:

Espresso Martini Mousse 12

Bourbon Pecan Pie 12

Fried Apple Pie 9

Vegan Pastries: Blueberry Danish, Cinnamon Scroll, Chocolate Scroll, Almond Croissant 7




Big Plates:    

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni 24

Spinach and almond ricotta stuffed cannelloni baked in a rich napoli served with garlic bread and salad


Chickn Parma 24

Chickn schnitzel, facon, napoli and cheeze sauce with chips.


Korean Fried Chickn Bibimbap GFO 20

Korean Fried Chickn  or tofu with slaw, kimchi, edamame, seasonal greens  on a bed of spiced steamed rice and quinoa.


Mushroom Gravy Pie 20

Mushroom and facon gravy pie served with potato and gravy  and veg.


Thai Pumpkin and Keffir Lime Soup 10

Keffir infused pumpkin soup stuffed full of ginger and veg and topped with chilli oil, coriander and crushed peanuts.


Health bowls:


Dhal Bowl 18 GF

Basmatti rice, yellow dhal, seasonal veg tossed in kefir and coriander topped with chilli oil and crushed pappadums.


Felafel Bowl 18 GF

Three broad bean felafels, tabbouleh, hummus, seasonal veg tossed in kefir and coriander, pickled veg and a creamy cashew garlic dressing.


Mexican Bowl 18 GF

Brown rice and quinoa with Mexican black beans, roasted sweet potato and seasonal veg tossed in kefir and coriander, topped with cashew chipotle and yoghurt lime sauces.


Indian pack 24

Our dhal bowl with added coconut raiita, coconut chutney and roti with a serve of our indian kofta balls in curry sauce.


Extras: Brown rice/quinoa mix, felafel (3 pieces), roasted sweet potato, creamy cashew garlic sauce 4 Steamed veg, roti bread 5


All burgers come with chips


Garden GFO 18

Broad bean and kale falafel patty, hummus, aioli, tomato, pickled cabbage and lettuce in a matcha bun.


Korean Fried Chickn 18 GFO

Fried chickn in spicy, sticky red sauce with slaw, kimchi, fried shallots, peanuts and sweet chilli mayo.

GFO: Korean Fried tofu instead of chick’n


Southern Fried Chickn 18

Fried chickn, two rashers of facon, chipotle aioli and slaw.


Bollywood 18 GFO

Creamy curried chickn (or GF tofu) with papadums, herby coconut raiita, fresh mint, lettuce and mango chutney.  

GFO: Tofu instead of chickn


Above and Beyond GFO 23

Beyond meat patty, facon, fried pickles, special sauce, caramelized onion, beetroot and lettuce served with a peppercorn cheeze sauce to dip your burger into.


The Big Mock 20 Two no beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheeze, pickles, onions all on a sesame seed bun!

Add Beyond Meat patties +6


The Little Mock 17 The little sister of the Big Mock – all the same delicious ingredients just a single layer of them.

Add Beyond Meat patty +3


Gluten Free Bun +2

Sliders 18 Three sliders from our range of burgers; a little mock, a Korean fried chicken and a southern fried chicken.

Alcohol: Under 18? No Supply It is against the law to sell or supply liquor to under 18s. Penalty exceeds $19,000.


Wine: Mulled Wine* 10/mug *subject to availability

House White 20

Yarrawood Sauvignon Blanc 28 Copabella Chardonnay 28

Cork Cutters Pinot Grigio 28 Seabrook “Lineage”Rose 28

House Red 20

Coppabella Pinot Noir 28

Protocollo Tempranillo DO 28

Rolf Binder “Tappo” Shiraz 28

12 Signs Classic Brut 25


Beer & Cider:        

per unit / per pack

Hawkers Pilsner 6/24

Hawkers Stout 8/26

Boatrocker Alpha Queen Pale 5/25

3 Ravens New World IPA 8/26

VB 5/25

Carlton 5/25

Zwyiec Porter 10

Ginger Kid Ginger Beer 9

Napolean Apple Cider 8/26

Napoleon Pear Cider 8/26




Espresso Martini 15

Negroni 18

Cosmopolitan 18

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